Monday, February 18, 2013

Art Bead Scene: February 2013 Challenge

I'm back!

After months of blog inactivity and a short vacation from claying, I decided to go back to my craft with another Art Bead Scene challenge.

For this month, the inspiration was from Toshi Yoshida's skillful woodblock print "Heijinja, 1941".

Toshi Yoshida's "Heijinja, 1941"
 The flame red focal color reminds me so much of Love and Valentine's day and so as the Cherry Blossoms blooming.

With this I created an asymmetrical necklace using Red and the cherry blossoms as my main focal points. And I named my piece, "Sakura".

The flowers are all finished with alcohol inks, inka gold and mica powders. And I incorporated it with plastic and acrylic beads to complete my palette.

One of the Three Sakura flowers

With the focal bead depicting a Cherry blossom tree

Here is the finished product:

What do you think? 

Happy claying everyone!

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