Saturday, August 27, 2011

Publicity! Publicity! Clayfest 2011

We were featured at Craft Time Magazine's 9th issue!

All exhibitors, including CRAZY NOTIONS, were also featured in the 22nd page :)
Crazy Notions Accessories - Picture 11

Can't wait until the next Clay Fest in 2012!

Photo credits to Craft Time Magazine - Visit their site at 

Friday, August 19, 2011

Philippine Polymer Clay Guild

I am proud to say that I am a member of the Philippine Polymer Clay Guild (also known as P3). It was created to build a professional community of Filipino clay artists, improve each other's skills by engaging in monthly challenges, elevate polymer clay from being a craft material into an art medium, and uphold local Pinoy talents.
Some of the members of the P3 Guild From Left to Right: Ling Buhay, Penny Ilagan, Ghie Malig, Jessica Hernandez, Donna Cruz, Josele Ong, Jhoi Montano, Melody Felipe, Melody Manalaysay, Angeli Del Rosario, Joyce Tan, Charm Lacdao, jennifer Cruz, Cathy Escalona, Paula Esguerra, Mykee Corpuz, Kathleen Ching-Ng and Bang Hasegawa
Last Saturday, 13th of August, Joyce Tan of Pinay Crafter together with some of the P3 members, planned a surprise baby shower for our founding member, Angeli Del Rosario. It was also our 2nd Meet and Greet for the guild. The theme was all about cupcakes and the invites were made by yours truly.

From Left to Right Top to Bottom: Real cupcakes by Jennifer Cruz' sister, cupcake pendants of P3 members, and cupcake decorations by Bang Hasegawa

Venue was at Jennifer Cruz' (Purpleluggage) house in Caloocan. Her sister also cooked the food for the party. Sumptious Lechon Paksiw and delicious Sapin-sapin were contributed by Jhoi (Enjhoi with Clay) and Ghie (Trinket Tales).

Here are some of the games we did for the party: Guess the Baby, Diaper Game, Feeding Bottle game, Baby Charades and Baby Scramble. Obviously from the pictures, we all had lots of fun. :)
Diaper Game
From Left to Right Top: Baby Charades, Feeding Bottle Game, Clowning around with the decors
Bottom: Guess the Baby, Baby Scamble and suprised, wacky shot of the group :)
Until the next activity, P3! :)

Oh by the way, we are accepting new members! Interested? Please visit our facebook page:, for more information.

Photo credits: Joyce Tan (Pinay Crafter), Melody Manalaysay (Crafting Time), Angeli Del Rosario (Beadlady Manila) and Jhoi Montano (Enjhoi with Clay) - Thank you girls! :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Product Probe: Johz Co. Clay line

I promised a friend to review her new brand of clay - Johz Co. Clay.

Basically, consistency of the clay is just right. It's easy to condition and won't stick to your work surfaces. I made a bear out of the clay and added texture to it. Since it's not sticky, there are minimal traces of fingerprints in the clay. And my textures does not get easily squished while working on the other parts.

When baking, I noticed that the clay does not emit any unpleasant smell vs. other clay brands. And the end product is quite durable and did not cracked.

I also made a stamped sheet to check it's flexibility for thinner pieces.

When subjected to the "Folding Test", the end product did not crack and no white lines are visible when it flattens to a sheet again.

Overall, I highly recommend using this brand for any clay creations.

*Johz Co. Clay comes in 40 colors in 50grams size. It's available at the Beadlady Craft Cafe in Cubao Expo or online at

Monday, August 8, 2011

Treasure trove: Clay Gun Adapter

Last March, I have this overwhelming urge to use my clay extruder for my clay creations. When I researched for tutorials available on the web, using it was so easy.

Then I tried it for myself.

I bought my clay extruder from a fellow clay artist for a steal. It has 19 discs and chrome plated. I think the brand is sculpey. 
Sculpey clay gun

Anyway, I was trying out this new technique wherein you need snakes of clay in equal length and proportion. I was so excited because at last I will have a reason to try my new purchase. Lo and behold! The clay would not budge. It did wield snakes of clay for a while but I manage to get an inch of it. 

Right now here's the progress of my project: extruding clay = to sore hands.

I was frustrated. Then on the Philippine Polymer Clay Guild facebook page, someone gave me a link on how to make adapters to connect with your clay guns for easy use. They used a caulking gun for the adapter.  I asked my ever reliable handy man (my better half :)) to make one for me. And after 2 weeks of studying the photos from the internet and tweaking it a bit, my clay gun is ready to use. Here's how it look now:

my new clay gun adapter :)

An it's so easy to use! The clay extruded perfectly well!
Extruded clay
I so love my new clay extruder and also to my better half who devised it. Expect more projects using this contraption from me. :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Well, this is me attempting to do another blog to write about my adventures. To tell you the truth, I'm not much of a writer. I'm lazy in documenting things that needed to be documented. So in honor of my "first official blog", allow me to introduce myself.

Growing up, Art has always been a part of my life. As a kid, I would watch fairy tale cartoons and make an illustrated storybook about it afterwards. I would play around my cousin's Lego set and build a room for my paper dolls. I love drawing and painting landscapes and still life using pastels and watercolor as media. I would have liked to be a stained glass artist but materials were not readily accessible here so I substituted it with Japanese colored paper and plastic sheets. I also took up photography when I can already afford a DSLR camera.

Then I was introduced to beaded accessories. I learned the craft through books and magazines, then the next thing I knew, I was hooked!
Here are some pictures of my beaded accessories :)

But alas, it has its limitations. I wanted to do more unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Last year, while browsing the net for resin jewelry, I stumbled upon Polymer Clay. I was a little hesitant at first because of all the arts, sculpting was never my strongest suit. I bought my first clays and tools from Ms. Mel Felipe of Purplenook(you can check out her facebook site for clay and crafting goodies: Then I took my first workshop with the Beadlady, Ms. Angeli SobrepeƱa-Del Rosario (

Clay creations during the workshop :)

After hoarding materials, tools, books and workshops, I felt like I definitely found my passion. There are so many ways with Polymer clay, so many techniques to master and to discover. And I am happy that the craft and the people who continuously master it have welcomed me warm-heartily into their niche.