Monday, August 8, 2011

Treasure trove: Clay Gun Adapter

Last March, I have this overwhelming urge to use my clay extruder for my clay creations. When I researched for tutorials available on the web, using it was so easy.

Then I tried it for myself.

I bought my clay extruder from a fellow clay artist for a steal. It has 19 discs and chrome plated. I think the brand is sculpey. 
Sculpey clay gun

Anyway, I was trying out this new technique wherein you need snakes of clay in equal length and proportion. I was so excited because at last I will have a reason to try my new purchase. Lo and behold! The clay would not budge. It did wield snakes of clay for a while but I manage to get an inch of it. 

Right now here's the progress of my project: extruding clay = to sore hands.

I was frustrated. Then on the Philippine Polymer Clay Guild facebook page, someone gave me a link on how to make adapters to connect with your clay guns for easy use. They used a caulking gun for the adapter.  I asked my ever reliable handy man (my better half :)) to make one for me. And after 2 weeks of studying the photos from the internet and tweaking it a bit, my clay gun is ready to use. Here's how it look now:

my new clay gun adapter :)

An it's so easy to use! The clay extruded perfectly well!
Extruded clay
I so love my new clay extruder and also to my better half who devised it. Expect more projects using this contraption from me. :)


  1. Wow! Thanks a bunch for sharing this to us Donna! :-)
    It's really hard using the extruder as it is... I'm sure that you're able to help lots of clay artists on how they can easily use their extruders when you've posted this :-) More power to you!