Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Product Probe: Johz Co. Clay line

I promised a friend to review her new brand of clay - Johz Co. Clay.

Basically, consistency of the clay is just right. It's easy to condition and won't stick to your work surfaces. I made a bear out of the clay and added texture to it. Since it's not sticky, there are minimal traces of fingerprints in the clay. And my textures does not get easily squished while working on the other parts.

When baking, I noticed that the clay does not emit any unpleasant smell vs. other clay brands. And the end product is quite durable and did not cracked.

I also made a stamped sheet to check it's flexibility for thinner pieces.

When subjected to the "Folding Test", the end product did not crack and no white lines are visible when it flattens to a sheet again.

Overall, I highly recommend using this brand for any clay creations.

*Johz Co. Clay comes in 40 colors in 50grams size. It's available at the Beadlady Craft Cafe in Cubao Expo or online at www.beadcafe.multiply.com.

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