Monday, April 2, 2012

More Carved Cuff Bracelets

I can't seem to get enough of the carved cuff bracelet tutorial of Ms. Rocky Villegas-Antonio. Last weekend, I decided to try my hand in creating cuff bracelets.

For my first creation, I used the leaves and vines push mold. I just read the Percy Jackson book series so I was very much inspired by Greek mythology in naming this piece. I called it Demeter's Garden. I used translucent clay with alcohol inks and acrylic paints.

On my wrist :)

Closer view of the front detail

View from the side details

For my second creation, I named this Monoliths. I used the Tribal faces push mold to form the black clay and finished it with inka gold cream paints.

On my wrist

Front view detail

Left side view detail

Right side view detail
 Would be making a lot more of these over the Holy Week vacation!

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