Monday, April 2, 2012

Black and White Bead Challenge

The Philippine Polymer Clay Guild had our first challenge last year. It was a swap challenge wherein we have to create a bead using black and white polymer clay. These are the beads that I got:

Different kind of beads from the fabulous clay artists of our guild

Today, I had the chance to string some together to make it into wearable art.

I made a bracelet from the beads of (From Left to Right):
Reizl An Carpio of Xander's Gift Shop, Paula Esguerra of Kinkclay Arts, Mary Ann Limjoco-Decastro,
Gin Rose Caballero of Aquamaze,Ling Buhay of Thought of You
and April Grace Bola of Shape n' Bake
Necklace from the beads of (from bottom to top):
Angeli Del Rosario of the Beadlady, Melody Manalaysay of
Crafting Time and Jennifer Cruz of Purpleluggage

I still have some stash left and will transform them hopefully soon! 


  1. nice bracelet! i love the intricacies of each bead! hope to see more of your future works here(im following you already!). would love to see some of your watercolors as well =)