Saturday, October 8, 2011

SM Eco-bag challenge

Hello, it's been quite a while since my last blog. I have not been that seriously claying for these past few weeks. Instead, I would like to share our current office project involving the Eco-bag.

This was a competition given by our Environmental committee for all Departments of SM-SCMC. The challenge was to re-create the SM Eco-bag into something new. Each department was told to design at least 10 bags. The bags designed per department will be displayed at our office lobby for a week.

Since we are the Visual Display Group,we should set ourselves apart from the other department and show them that we are true artists. We decided to have a theme to tie all of our works together. It would be the Safari Glam collection :) We only used the black and beige colors.

For my own design, I decided to reconstruct the bag to make it like a beach handbag and a shoulder bag.

Here's our final bag design entries and set-up :)

Bag designs by: Leah David, Donna Cruz (Mine is the orange bag and the zebra shoulder bag on the top row),  Jayem Isaac, Raquel Morales, Irene Dimo, Maricris Go, and Irene Noche
Striking a pose with our designs.

Visual Display Managers - From left to right: Donna Cruz, Raquel Morales, Jayem Isaac, Leah David and Irene Dimo

Till my next craft-escapade! :)

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