Monday, September 12, 2011

The Pinoy Challenge

I can't believe it's already September! Time flies so fast and the next thing you'll know, it's already Christmas. :) 

For my first post this month, I will be sharing with you what I did for our PINOY Challenge in our guild. The challenge is about incorporating Philippine indigenous materials with Polymer clay.

This was, indeed, a very challenging work for me with all the cramming I did since I was so busy with my day job.

With only two days before the deadline, I managed to submit 2 clay creations.

First is a tin can cover with the Sarimanok (Kingfisher) theme. 
Sarimanok-themed Tin can

The Sarimanok is ubiquitous in the Maranao (a tribe in Mindanao) arts. It was said to be inspired from the Islamic legend of the rooster that Mohammad saw in the first of seven heavens. 

I used different techniques for the background- Mica shift for the Earth panel (with caned leaves), Roughly blending white and different shades of blue to simulate waves for the Water panel, Incorporated metallic foil and alcohol inks for the Air panel (not too noticeable), and extruded clays to form spirals for the Fire panel. Embedded in between are capiz shells. Then for the bird itself, I used sinamay and pearls.

Next project, I tried to make a bracelet using the Alibata, ancient Filipino script.
Capiz braelet with alibata-transferred clay
I photo-transfered the letters, dabbed some alcohol inks into the clay, attached it to the capiz shell then after baking, assembled it with the abaca thread.

This challenge really inspired me. It awaken a part of me that says: "I'm proud to be a Filipino". 

Here are some of the very creative and beautiful works of the other P3 members for the challenge:
HOME ACCESSORIES (from the left, clockwise): Maricris Tranquilino, Xander's Gift Shop, Earthly Jewels, Enjhoi with Clay, Crafting Time!, Clay Goodies, Che Jael Flaviano and Kink Clay
HANDBAGS (From the Left, clockwise): Trinket Tales, Mohinni by Dinna (top and bottom pictures)
and Something Young Bacolod
ACCESSORIES (From Left to Right): Rocky Beads, Crafting Time! (top), Mary Ann Limjoco-De Castro (bottom),  Kink Clay, Tumbleling Ling (top) and Pinay Crafter (bottom)
SCULPTURE (From Left to Right): Clayative Works (top), Thought of You (bottom),  Purpleluggage,
Johz Co. Clay (top) and Little Rock Creation (bottom)
Oh by the way, I made the album cover for this challenge. :)
Challenge Photo Album Cover

Photo credits: To the wonderful ladies of Philippine Polymer Clay Guild. Thank you :)

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